Low-Carb Easy To Make Egg Roll In A Bowl



  1. Posted by alysiaperry9, — Reply

    I couldn’t find my red pepper flakes and used ginger from the bottle. Add course black pepper and a smidge of salt and it was great but next time I would add more cabbage or do a veggie only bowl

  2. Posted by kathyyachcik, — Reply

    Tried it with 1/2 sausage and 1/2 ground turkey. It was not great to be honest, just kind of blah. Kept adding more soy sauce in an attempt to make it taste better. Did add red pepper flakes to see if that would help. Probably not making it again.

  3. Posted by ariamoo1992, — Reply

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  4. Posted by angietrenkler, — Reply

    We ❤️ loved this and made it twice already! We added some sesame seeds and served it with a lil honey mustard over the top!! Quite delish!! 😋

  5. Posted by darla509, — Reply

    Was “OK”. Very easy and quick but seemed like it was missing something. Maybe I need to add the fish sauce as someone commented above.

  6. Posted by daniellesmith79, — Reply

    This is my new fave quick week day meal. It’s also a great base. The first time I made it as is, but over times I’ve added different flavour ingredient like herbs and spices as well as an egg and fish sauce. Great as the recipe is but so easy to tweak and have fun with. I always make with turkey mince and just so good!

  7. Posted by ajenkins511, — Reply

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  8. Posted by amalei31, — Reply

    Delicious!!! Used beef with homemade sausage seasoning and a little bit teriyaki. Will add fish sauce next time:

  9. Posted by lannalynne95, — Reply

    I would at LEAST double the soy sauce, and only do maybe a tsp of red pepper flakes if you're gonna do that.

  10. Posted by jeanievhopper0, — Reply

    I Made Mine With.....WAIT FOR IT...........SHRIMP🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤 Sooooooooooo Good!!!

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