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With a little self love and a whole lot of grace, every mama has the oppurtunity to create and inhabit a healthy space for themselves.


  1. Posted by maryamhm2506, — Reply

    Most people who think they’re alone are really just to deep in their own heads that they cant realize either someone trying to be there for them or someone around them going through the same thing

  2. Posted by chakrika_0110, — Reply

    Hey guys! I made a Google classroom for people feeling alone or in need for someone to speak to. It is a considerate and respectful area you can share whatever you feel, hope you all are safe and well. 2juf32h >>> the code. <3

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  4. Posted by alanisgilberto003, — Reply

    Honestly if you could go through your darkest times alone then if you think about it you really don't need anyone.

  5. Posted by Tlqkfnerdy, — Reply

    I would love to show this to my mom. I was suffering from major depression and suicidal thoughts when I was 12 and my mom SNORTED when i told her that I think I have mental problems. so I had to suffer it through, no getting better, and now it's part of me. Now, 4years have passed since then, and occasionally mom complains about me shutting her out of my life. She doesn't even remember.

  6. Posted by ReactionPicsAreMySpecialty, — Reply

    I was looking at all of these and saw an ad for Chick-fil-A it said EaT MoRe ChIkEn

  7. Posted by bhawnadagar70, — Reply

    I went through my darkest times with god♥️ I need him more than anyone else.

  8. Posted by Kore_27, — Reply

    I'm not sorry

  9. Posted by alicetawhai, — Reply

    Only one

  10. Posted by aurell1a, — Reply

    me rn

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