Coronavirus moment of levity, part II: Homeschooling memes and more


In your second moment of coronavirus levity, here's how you reacted to your kids' home-schooling and on-line learning.


  1. Posted by nualaki, — Reply

    am i the only one getting tired of parents complaining now that they have to,,,,,, take care of their children they chose to have? i understand that being a parent is hard but if you weren’t prepared to entertain and care for your child 24/7 you shouldn’t have become a parent

  2. Posted by Lemonade_Lemonade_Lemonade, — Reply

    my dad is a teacher, and he has noticed all the conflicts parents are having with their kids because normally they don't have to spend time with them, but now they're learning that their kids aren't always who they expect them to be

  3. Posted by nailah_lynk, — Reply

    I understand its a joke but their are parents that actually feel this way and the whole ur not gonna be fulfilled trope is gross

  4. Posted by spiritualyoshi, — Reply

    Since my mom is a teacher technically me and my sister are the ones staying home most of the time (in school and out of school) while my mom has to go to school lmao

  5. Posted by flamepixie23, — Reply

    Hey guys! I’ve been working rlly hard on my account and I’d appreciate or if you checked it out and maybe even followed? Tysm! 😁

  6. Posted by MrGroundZero, — Reply

    Funny thing is we have to work for 4 weeks somewhere because if we don't we won't get our degree so wish us luck I guess.

  7. Posted by mtimberlake2009, — Reply

    Actually no my mom likes me and my siblings home she hates when we’re at school cause she gets lonely unlike other mums

  8. Posted by 26lbeaudoin, — Reply

    I'm pretty sure this was my parents secret reaction to online school. Even though they pretended everything was fine.

  9. Posted by aclthgreat, — Reply

    The funny thing is, that lady actually is talking about her kids in this scene 😂 (it’s from parks n rec)

  10. Posted by chloster_24, — Reply

    Oh my God what show is this?? It’s off the top of me my head I swear I’ve seen it. OH WAIT I KNOW ITS PARKS AND REC.

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