25 Insane Weight-Loss Transformation Photos


Here is the motivation you need to get your lift on the right track.


  1. Posted by no1important081018, — Reply

    I am a big girl. A BUW as I call myself.. (big ugly woman) but I want to work on myself and better myself. But I notice you have no extra skin after weight loss. How do you get rid of the extra skin without surgery?

  2. Posted by shannonl0117, — Reply

    What is the best way to loose weight and tone up I had a baby 1 year ago I now weigh 8st 7lbs I am 5ft2 and age 22 I want to loose a bit more weight and tone up HELP😫😫😫

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  4. Posted by 8Erika7, — Reply

    Absolutely stunning transformation! Congratulations! Definitely appears your hard work paid off!

  5. Posted by teebee532, — Reply

    Shit! This is what you call "motivation"... She looks great!

  6. Posted by irom_ney, — Reply

    Wow what a big transformation

  7. Posted by anavergel83, — Reply

    Increible transformation.

  8. Posted by hareem0407, — Reply

    How masculine body you have ...

  9. Posted by sandhyaroopesh59, — Reply

    oh my god is it real

  10. Posted by franciscove0002, — Reply

    Photoshopped picture

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